Step by step tutorials for solving spatial problems

This website can help you understand, learn and perform useful spatial analysis for your business and/or your research career. To get desired results you are hoping for, you need to ask the right questions while providing the right information (i.e. spatial data in our case) for it. Thus, I have tried to provide tutorial examples of solving spatial problems with some real data sets that I have recently used for research purpose.

Majid Shadman

Geospatial data scientist

I am a geospatial data scientist curating and analysing vast geospatial datasets such as satellite imagery, openstreetmaps, elevation, demographic, and topography data to extract useful insights about the events happening on our planet. My skill-sets are centralised around using RStudio and geospatial libraries such as GDAL, GIS software packages such as ArcGIS and QGIS, and applying machine-learning algorithms for spatio-temporal data mining (SDM) and forecasting.
I enjoy casual activities on stack overflow, short hikes around Melbourne, playing video games and watching TV shows on weekends. Above is a photo of my happy PhD life back in Tassie until my office got flooded!